win 7 and vista?

  Teaboy 11 Dec 09

Hi folk,
Having recently custom installed win 7 over vista ultimate, I am somewhat puzzled by the frequent reference to vista on my machine. For example; I have just completed a windows backup, and while creating the system image I saw it was referring to win vista (C:) and not win 7.

I understand that the files concerning vista have been stored, by windows, in a folder called "windows old" which is stored on the C drive.

The puzzle is, what has been backed up, win 7, or vista?

Any help with this will be appreciated.

  chub_tor 11 Dec 09

Is it the computer name that you are seeing, perhaps it was named win vista when it was first installed. You can change the name easily click here I had to do this myself when I upgraded Vista to Win7.

  Teaboy 12 Dec 09


No it is not the name of the computer that puzzles I got round that by renaming when I had to re-install Vista some time ago. It was the information that was given while making a system image " windows is now copying files in win Vista (C:), that had me concerned.

Could it be that windows 7 is really just a souped up Vista, using the same files, and pretending to be different?

  mgmcc 12 Dec 09

Right click your "C" drive and select Properties. If the drive's Volume Label (which will be highlighted when the Properties sheet opens) says "Vista" then either delete it or rename to Windows 7, or any name you like!

  Teaboy 13 Dec 09


Ihave done it! when I next do a system back-up I'll be able to check.

Very grateful for your help. Ta


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