Win 7 Virtual XP Mode

  Septogenarian 30 Apr 11

I know little about PC's and have only just discovered I can run Windows XP on a virtual machine in Windows 7 . Are there any limitations to this , or can I just install all my XP software , antivirus , and drivers , as with a normal XP operating system ?

  bremner 30 Apr 11

Hopefully you have W7 Professional or Ultimate as I believe Virtual PC is only included in these versions.

If so then yes you can install all your applications in the Virtual Machine

  Septogenarian 01 May 11

Yes I have the Windows Virtual XP up and running , and the desktop looks just like regular XP . The only worry I had was if Windows 7 is running in the background , is this giving my processor a double workload if I try to run XP software as well ?

  canarieslover 01 May 11

As stated by bremner, if you have the better versions of Win7 it will install your XP programs as if it was XP. Doesn't work in all cases. The alternative is to use a program like VirtualBox - link text

This will allow you to install Windows XP in its own environment within Win7 and then you can install and use your programs from there. It's similar to dual booting except within VirtualBox you can have more than one instance of an O.S., or several different O.S.'s and they can all be deleted as required without affecting your main Win7 install. Great for trying out Linux in its many guises as well.

  canarieslover 01 May 11

Septogenarian Crossed post. Ignore it if you already have Virtual XP running. Acid test is 'do the programs run as fast or faster than they did in XP?' If the answer is 'Yes' then don't worry that your processor may have more to do. It is obviously up to it.

  Septogenarian 02 May 11

Thanks very much for the replies , some of my favourite software will only run on XP , so here goes . O.K. on Linux , canarieslover , have been using Ubuntu since distro 8.04 ( Hardy ) .


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