Win 7 PCA Text

  rawprawn 12 Aug 09

I have been dual booting Win 7 for a few months now, but I find the text on this forum slightly blurred. If I open My Documents it is crystal clear, and other web sites seem OK, although not perhaps as good as Vista.
Am I missing something, I have tried both with and without Compatibility, it seems to make no difference.

  Forum Editor 13 Aug 09

is rendered by your browser - which one are you using?

  rawprawn 13 Aug 09

Hi, when I made the comment I was using IE8. However I find the text much better using Firefox.
I generally prefer to use IE, is there a way to remedy this slight blur in Win 7?
I have pre ordered Windows 7 Home Premium, is this likely to produce better display than the evaluation edition.
Also I am dual booting Vista Home Premium, and Win 7 RC1. I get a much higher resolution in vista than win 7. Same graphics card obviously, I wonder why, any ideas?

  GaT7 14 Aug 09

"I get a much higher resolution in vista than win 7"

You have a resolution/driver problem by the looks of it.

Are you running Win7 at your monitor's native resolution? G

  rawprawn 14 Aug 09

Morning Crossbow7, Yes it's a laptop and only shows "Generic Non PNP Monitor on Standrd Graphic Adapter"
The resolution is set to the highest which is only 1024 * 768, whereas in Vista it shows as 1440 * 900.
I can't understand the discrepancy

  rawprawn 14 Aug 09

Any help appreciated, Is this because I am dual booting? or some other reason. I have pre ordered Win 7, and I don't want this problem when I install the full release version.

  GaT7 14 Aug 09

Afternoon rawprawn.

Yes, as I'd suspected your laptop isn't running at its native resolution in Win7 - the graphics adapter isn't being recognised & it's running on generic Windows drivers.

Are you able to update the graphics drivers via Device Manager in Win7. Worth a try.

What's the make & model number of your laptop please? Trying to determine what graphics it has, so this info will also suffice. G

  rawprawn 14 Aug 09

I have updated graphics in device manager and it says the latest are installed.It is a Sony Vaio VGN-AR31E with NVDIA GeForce Go 7400 GPU installed
Thanks for your help.

  rawprawn 14 Aug 09

I have been to NVIDIA site, and I am again told that the diver is up to date and it recognised Win 7 system.

  sunnystaines 14 Aug 09

we have same graphics in a sony it goes downhill if set above 1024 * 768

  rawprawn 14 Aug 09

I'm sorry I don't understand, in Vista there is no problem at all set at 1440 * 900, but when I boot into W7 the highest available setting is 1024 * 768
which is causing the problem.


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