Win 7 OEM reuse of activation

  robert888 17 Dec 12

I have a Win 7 Pro OEM Disc which I will instal as a 2nd drive on an existing XP PC and run as a dual boot. During 2013 the intention is to build/purchase a new PC and use my existing Win 7 OEM Disk to instal Win 7 on a new drive in the new PC (after deleting Win 7 from my old drive). According to reports MS only allows OEM discs to be used on one PC and activation would be declined after installation on a new PC. However, the retailer informed me that when activation is declined you can select an option to automatically activate via telephone and provided you indicate Win 7 is only on one system it will activate. Can this explantion be true or is there a piece of the jigsaw missing?

  lotvic 17 Dec 12

OEM license is tied to the first motherboard it is installed on. When you activate that motherboard specs (hardware hash) and product key are logged by MS. If you then install the OEM W7 on a different motherboard it won't match what has been logged and will fail activation (although I have heard of some that say they have done it)

That is why oem software is cheaper than Retail.

With Retail you can install on one pc then uninstall and get a new pc and install it on that one. (is only on one pc at any one time) (unless you have a family licence which allow 3 different pcs to use it at same time)

  jamieamunra 18 Dec 12

Hey buddy, why not just install without activation for 30 days which you later can extend using the slmgr-rearm command from CMD?

  jamieamunra 18 Dec 12

So after the first 30 day run the command and it will reset the counter. You can do this 3 times so you'll end up with over 3 month!!


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