Win 7 Library - hide?

  linden 12:02 12 Feb 11

I have Win 7 and so far am very pleased. However Windows explorer left pane shws Favourite, Library, Homegroup and then Computer with large gaps between. In Vista I could just choose Folders and the rest were minimised at the top.
I always set up my own system of file management under a Data folder on my second hard drive. I understand how the Library of virtual folders (links) could be useful but I do not want to use it and it takes up space. Does anyone know how to hide or remove it?
If Windows Explorer could open directly to the folder I wanted this would help - I used to add switches to the Explorer.exe program to force it to open in a particular drive or folder. I cannot make this work in Win 7.

Hope someone can help!

  a member 15:49 12 Feb 11

I hate the way microsoft try to get everyone to conform to their way of folder use too ,there should be far more customization available .I dont use any of microsofts default folders either , but simply rely on drag and drop for most files into other safe drive locations .but I had a look around for you and came up with this click here
hope it helps.

  linden 10:44 13 Feb 11

A useful link. Thank you merlinx. But it gives useful tips to improve the use of the library, especially default save as folder or Dropbox users.

I would still like to hide or remove this library faeture. Or I would like to force Explorer to open in a selected folder on my second drive. In earlier versions this was done by adding switches to ecplorer.exe
Anyone know the syntax for Win 7 ?

  canarieslover 13:13 13 Feb 11

Found else where - click here
Only problem is that it still leaves Favorites and Libraries open.

  canarieslover 13:34 13 Feb 11

Also found elsewhere - click here
This does enable you to hide Libraries plus there are links to show you how to hide other folders.

  linden 22:16 13 Feb 11

canarieslover - your first link to force explorer to open in a certain folder was perfect. Thank you.
For anyone interested Win 7 does without the complex switches - in the properties window just type the path you want after the exe file. But follow hte link abve to be safe.

I will try the "libraries hiding" link later. It seems to be what I need but it may be a day or so before I get to trying it.

  BRYNIT 22:55 13 Feb 11

If you want to remove the navigation pane on the left. click on Organize/Layout and remove the tick from navigation plane.

  BRYNIT 00:07 14 Feb 11

must check spelling.

plane should read pane

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