Win 7 Install with a difference

  golfpro 23 Oct 09

I have an Acer Travelmate lap-top which has a German version of Vista running on it. In a couple of days I shall be doing a CLEAN install of Win 7 in English. As the German OS was preinstaled, I did not receive a Recovery disc with it, or a program key. I have a couple of questions:

1. Will I be asked to input the Vista key during the install or not.

2. How do I make a bootable back up disc should anything go wrong with the install, so that I can revert back to where I was, or at least back to the Vista OS.

I don't have very many important files or programs on the Lap-top so that does not make much difference.

  Pine Man 23 Oct 09

1. No.
2. By installing something like Acronis True Image on your laptop and backing up your complete existing system to either an external hard drive or DVDs

  golfpro 24 Oct 09

I have Acronis version 8, but it will not work with Vista only XP. I suppose I could buy the upgrade to version 2010 for €20 I will have to contact Acronis support first (that's a pain) and see if it is possible.
I read somewhere that Acer had a back-up system on the laptop that you could download to disc I don't know if that's true or not, I haven't looked yet. If anyone dose know please let me know.

  mooly 24 Oct 09

You can burn a recovery disc with Acers Erecovery which would be preinstalled.
That should have been the first thing it asked you to do when it was new. It's a bootable copy of the recovery partition and will restore the laptop to "out of the box" condition.

You can also use Acronis to make a disk image and put it on the "d" partition. Provided you only format the C drive with the W7 disk and don't alter partition sizes the D will be untouched and you still have your Acronis image if needs be.


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