Will you be installing Windows 8 next weekend?

  Forum Editor 16:54 23 Oct 12

The new version of Windows launches in three days time, and lots of people will find themselves faced with an unfamiliar interface. It's bound to raise a crop of questions, and this is the place to ask them.

Microsoft has sold 630 million Windows 7 licenses to date, and it's going to be interesting to see how many people make the upgrade move. let us have your thoughts - positive or negative.

  Ford Prefect 01 17:34 23 Oct 12

Probably next Monday or Tuesday. I am at work over the weekend. Then I find out later in the week the answer to my question which I think is below this thread.

  Forum Editor 17:37 23 Oct 12

Ford Prefect 01

Your thread may not stay below this one for long, and in any case I answered your question some time ago.

  sharpamat 19:39 23 Oct 12

Easy to answer


  morddwyd 20:19 23 Oct 12


On one computer, bought only in May, MS say it will not run, and on another, a dual screen, Win 8 totally disables the second screen.

  daconnor 22:48 23 Oct 12

On one computer, bought only in May, MS say it will not run,

Could you give details please?

  Quickbeam 23:32 23 Oct 12

I've just backed up a drive image of W7 to try it out on the 25 squid offer on Friday.

Idealy, I'd liked to have it on an now rarely used XP netbook, but the maximum screen resolution on that is 1024x600 and the MS site says that the requirement is 1366x768. So I'll have to save up for a W8 tablet.

  Zeppelyn 23:34 23 Oct 12

Definitely No

  Quickbeam 23:55 23 Oct 12

I bet you still travel by airship to go on holiday as well...

  morddwyd 07:18 24 Oct 12

"Could you give details please?"

Acer Aspire 5745PG. When I try to download/install I get a message that my computer is not compatible.

  Pine Man 08:13 24 Oct 12

I have prepared a spare drive and will definitely be installing Windows8 on it on Friday - hopefully;-)


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