will win 7 contain my laptop drivers ?

  setecio 09:37 16 Oct 09

I'm intending to install win7 on my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop (2.5 years old)

Will Win 7 contain all the drivers to make it work properly (graphics, sound, wifi etc ) or will I have to wait for Dell to put up drivers on their web site ?

I don't want to wipe of Vista if it ain't going to work properly with Win 7 yet.

  anskyber 10:22 16 Oct 09

This is what Dell say click here
in effect they expect the Vista drivers to work OK but if you check the Dell drivers page W7 drivers are not listed.

I think the answer is it should work but in the absence of W7 listed drivers there is a chance they may not albeit a small chance.

  anskyber 13:09 16 Oct 09

I should have added if you run the W7 upgrade advisor it will tell you if your kit is compatible. click here

  setecio 15:23 16 Oct 09

Thanks, maybe Dell will put them up next week, on release day.

  Ozy 14:56 19 Oct 09

i have installed Windows 7 on my HP G6000 laptop,
(20 months old )it picked up everything,video,
sound, wireless adapter.

  ArferDaley 05:01 20 Oct 09

i am running win 7 RC1 on my IBM THINKPAD which is over 2yr old and all worls fine and has done for nearly 1 yr now i had a real hard job reinstalling xp as it would not find the sata IHC7 intel contriller had to install in compaterbility mode then mess about for about an hour installing the drivers windows 7 found the sata controller no problem allowing me to enable the sata controller straight away and installed perfect
hope this helps a bit good luck


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