Will a "Beta" backup load/restore on full version?

  KorgY 07 Aug 09


I have been testing Win 7 out now for a weeks and done the back-up (Image), to see how effective it is, and it worked flawlesly, over 200 gigs of files, games, programms (internet adaptor etc, all backed up and restored as if it was a system restore.!:)

However, when I buy the retail full version (when is it due - October?) will i be able to restore my image to the full version (7600 i believe) or have the versions got to be the same. Reason I ask this, is because I don't want to put 400-500 gigs of data, software on my Bata version, if I have to do it all over again (format etc) on Windows 7600 full version.



  sunnystaines 07 Aug 09

I would back up folders to another hdd or dvd to bve safe

  KorgY 07 Aug 09


Yes, they are backed up on a 750gig seagate drive, and i wouldn't call them "files" but an "image" in other words, you can't reinstall individual files with this method (you can select the other "file" method though.


  GaT7 08 Aug 09

An image will only restore to the version you saved it as.

In order to have the latest Win7 version installed, you'll need to reinstall Win7 afresh with the DVD you receive in October.

If you haven't done so already, make sure to pre-order Win7 now, i.e. before 15/08/09 - as after this deadline the price increases considerably. Quite a few retailers doing Win7 pre-orders can be found in this thread click here. G

  sonyboy 08 Aug 09

Due to Microsoft altering the specs regarding the EU releases...We are now told that the "E" suffix may be dropped on the European releases..
It may well be that Microsoft will also make other changes to the final release to manufacturing(RTM) as far as to what each version will have as standard functions etc;
Bear in mind that the RC Build7100 that most of us are using is the "Ultimate" version..and it has the "full works" so to speak...If you have ordered the Premium version...the Backup facilities offered in Premium are not as comprehensive as "Ultimate" and you may well need a third party software such as " Acronis True Image" in order to use Image Backup functions!

  Forum Editor 09 Aug 09

with saved files - they're very different, as Crossbow7 has pointed out. Before you carry out a Windows 7 full version installation you should save all your data files to some kind of external media.

  sunnystaines 09 Aug 09

use clone back up so you can pick what you want to restore no an image backup.

  rawprawn 12 Aug 09

I have pre ordered Win 7, at the moment I am dual booting with Win 7RC1 and Vista.
For a start I intend to keep Vista as a dual boot, and install Win 7 on the partition I am using for the RC1 version.
I am not clear what you are saying, for example. If I clone (Acronis) Win 7 RCI, are you saying that I can transfer all the data to the new Windows 7. I am assuming not aplications.

  sunnystaines 13 Aug 09

click here

this link advises on updating from xp & vista to w7 and if you look on right of screen near top there is a link yet to be activated for w7 to w7.


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