Wifi unable to connect by laptop

  muralimadurai 16:54 17 Oct 16

when ever I switch on Laptop,wifi is unable to connect automatically,After trouble shooting by windows 10,the message displayed unable to connect.If I do power reset of my router then my laptop gets connected to wifi and am able to browse. !: tried following methods to avoid power reset of router. 2:cmd prompt,ipconfig /release and next cmd ipconfig/renew,It did not work for long( flushing IP) 3:services.msc, then DHS and DNS restart.did not work. 4.i have to power reset my router everytime if my laptop has to connect to wifi. pl suggest some ways. 5: if my wifi card is faulty ,then how it immediately connects to wifi once the power of router is off and on [email protected]

  xania 16:45 21 Oct 16

I don't think it's your wifi card, but it could be that your router is sending too weak a signal after its been left for some time (and hence your laptop cannot 'see' it), and the signal improves with a reset. The next time you switch on your laptop, try doing so next to the router and see if the problem still occurs.

  muralimadurai 14:07 11 Nov 16

Thanks for the reply, I placed another Laptop at the same place, Wifi got connected by the same router. I brought the laptop near to the router as per your suggestion. same problem. i had to power reset the router.Then the laptop catches wifi from any room.when other laptops of my sons working this one particular laptop require router power reset.could yousuggest anyother ways

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 11 Nov 16


Make sure your laptop is not powering down the wireless card - device manager - right click wirelss adaptor -power setings (tab)

maybe also change the channel you are using in the router

  Burn-it 16:42 11 Nov 16

As you say, many network cards have trouble reconnecting if the are allowed to sleep to save power. I've just spent several hours looking to see why my new wireless card was dropping connections. It was sleeping every time my screen saver came on and refusing to resart. I found that disabling and re-enabling it in control panel saves a reboot to kick it into life. I may well create a little script file that I can put on the desktop to do just that.

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