why will nothing install...

  Seth Haniel 19 May 09

Vista home
re logged in as admin
UAC turned off
Registry permissions set to allow

then whatever you try to install gets to about 95% then can't access registry file etc and uninstalls its self

  sunnystaines 19 May 09

spyware or corrupt registry.

try system restore or safe mode.

  Seth Haniel 19 May 09

no spyware
tried safe mode to no avail
been happening longer than the last system restore

  Bob The Blob 19 May 09

reinstall vista then

  sunnystaines 19 May 09

as Bob The Blob says reformat all drives and have a clean install.

  brundle 19 May 09

Or run the installer as Administrator. I wouldn't recommend running with UAC off by default, it provides more protection than just popping up annoying dialogue boxes - Protected Mode in IE is disabled for a start. click here

  Seth Haniel 20 May 09

'run the installer as Administrator' Been down that path -
Only ran with UAC off to rule out that possibility

  Seth Haniel 29 May 09

if you are having these problems
net localgroup Administrators Local Service /ADD
net localgroup Administrators Network Service /ADD

Restart your computer and bam! everything should work normally ^^

  rdave13 29 May 09

Two birds with one stone! :)

  Seth Haniel 29 May 09

till the next time ;)

  Seth Haniel 29 May 09

Bob The Blob
reinstall vista then

as Bob The Blob says reformat all drives and have a clean install.



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