Why is my IE9 so very slow

  xania 06 Feb 13

My home network is 2 desktop PC's and one Laptop all running Windows 7. My pwn desktop has a wired connection to the hub - the other two are connected wirelessly. Both the wireless connections are work well with IE9, so the problem has to be with my PC. I have just reinstall Windows 7 - 64 bit from scratch, and yet IE9 (32-bit version)is taking some 5 minutes to download even the first screen of, say PCA. 64-bit version is just as bad.

I did think that the problem might have been caused by the fact that the PC was downloading all the Windows updates, but this has now stopped and IE9 is still very bad. I have managed to install Chrome and this is working fine, although I blowed if I can get Norton Safe to work in Chrome.

Any ideas, please?

  difarn 06 Feb 13

Have you tried...

In IE go to Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings.

Turn OFF 'Automatically Detect Settings'

Sometimes Adobe shockwave causes problems with IE - the recommendation is to uninstall this and replace it with Adobe Flash.

As for Norton Safe and Chrome - there is a suggestion here from a Norton representative on the Norton Community website that may help.

  xania 06 Feb 13

Hi difarn and thanks for your early response. Firstly the good news is that I discovered that I had accidentally install NIS 2011 instead of NIS 2013. Updated and immediately Chrome is sporting a nice Norton toolbar. Unfortunately, no such luck with IE9 - still as slow as ever

  difarn 07 Feb 13

Good news about Norton Safe.

Is Flash up to date?

Another suggestion is....

Start Internet Explorer 9. Click Internet Options on the Tools menu. On the Advanced tab, locate the Accelerated graphics section. Verify that the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering check box is selected.

Have you tried resetting IE?

IE Tools Internet Options Advanced Reset

Have you installed any ad-ons recently? You could try to disable them individually to see if there is a culprit.

  xania 07 Feb 13

Good morning difarn.

I am away from my home PC until about 6pm this evening, but will try all you suggest and get back to you. No add-ons running, but that reset sounds most promising.

  xania 08 Feb 13

I have decided to ditch IE completely now as my Chrome is working perfectly. Perhaps sometime in the future, an update will solve the problem, but I've wasted more than enough time on this and now have a perfectly adequate work-around.

Thank you for your efforts.

  difarn 08 Feb 13

You are not on your own in doing this - quite a few people have just rolled it back to IE8.

  chub_tor 08 Feb 13


I wish that I could agree with there but on this PCA site I still find that IE10 is slow and jerky and that it runs best with Chrome. Firefox is next best. On most other sites IE10 is pretty good.

  xania 10 Feb 13

IE 10 required Windows 8 if I'm not mistaken, and that a no-go for me I'm afraid.

  xania 13 Feb 13

I don't beleeeeeve it. On implulse, just tried IE9 again todoy. Now I've have made no changes to my system at all and yet....IE9 IS now working perfectly.

The only thing I can think is that with all those downloads of Windows updates, something went wrong and a subsequent update must have rectified it?

Guess I'll never know!!


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