why do i keep being sent to google homepage??

  originalmav 14 May 09

Every time i try to go to windows update I keep being sent to google ,even if i manage to get to the security updates link ,I keep being sent to the google homepage .DOES ANYBODY ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM OR ANYTHING LIKE IT
Thanks in advance for any info Cheers!!

  User-1229748 15 May 09

try downloading updating and running malwarebytes free,run it in safe mode.hopefully you won't be blocked from doing so by the malware.click here

  Robbiecollie 15 May 09

I had same problem on p/c and macbook pro running vista two weeks back tried every thing including fresh instal still did not get my home page back also it would not let me down load microsoft updates after reformat or run any anti virus products,how I got clear was by chance had cable broadband installed and the modem change I believe cured the problem so I would reset my modem and just see if that works

  User-1229748 15 May 09

after reading a few search results on this malware it does seem a particulary nasty one,some people have had it come back like robbiecollie after reinstalling.you may have to reset modem as robbiecollie or others have had it infect their recovery partition aswell.post back if you still have problems and hopefully one of the more clever forum members will know your best option.

  originalmav 17 May 09

running malwarebytes,did the trick thanks for the tip ,tried allsorts before i woke up and realized i didnt have the answer in me. short of a complete reinstalle was'nt sure what i was gonna do.
Glad i didnt have to go down that route!
once again thanks v much. U guys have saved me £££££££'s
if ever i can help someone just ask.
ps you goys ROCK


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