White noise after shutdown + other shutdown probs

  PaulPow 14:27 24 Sep 15

Dear all,

My Asus Pro P55VA-SO028D (Intel Core i5-3210M, 8 GB RAM) does not shutdown properly under Windows and Linux. Furthermore I can't wake the computer from sleep-mode.

When I try to shut down Windows, the Laptop pretends to shut down, but it does not turn off completely. The screen turns black (as expected), but then I hear a strange noise (white noise - quite loud (most likely out of the speakers)).

The computer does not react if I press the power key again and so I have to hold it for 5 seconds until the PC turns off completely.

Something similar is happening when I try to shut down with Ubuntu. Here I see the shutdown screen with its 5 dots, but before the last dot turns red, the PC gets stuck.

Furthermore I can't wake the PC from sleep mode in Windows. Once it fell asleep it's not reacting to anything and I have to turn it off by pressing the power-key for 5 seconds.

Before that I noticed that - even though I checked the energy options - the computer does not go into sleep-mode when closing it. Once I forgot this and put it into my backpack. When I noticed it a few hours later the computer was quite warm and seemed to be in sleep mode. I then tried to push the power-key for 5secs but there was no reaction so I had no other option than - OMG - taking out the battery. Since then this error occurs.

I installed Windows 8.1 Pro as well as Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS with Dual Boot option (using the Linux Boot Manager).

PS: This might be important as well: Restarting works with Windows and Ubuntu. Hibernate Mode in Windows leads to the same result as shutting it down (black screen + white noise)

I would be thankful for any advice, since I'm absolutely clueless what might cause this error. I didn't find any similar threads in any forum.

Best Paul

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