Which version of windows

  Jameslayer 17:08 17 Jun 10

Hi I am upgrading to windows 7 64bit(I have 4 gigs of ram). I am entitled to the student version. So I can get ultimate for £57.99 or professional for 42.95 from click here

I have looked at the chart which shows what you get in each package and it doenst seem worth getting ultimate due to the extra cost. I use the comp for gaming and internet.

Thanks for any advice for a place to get it cheaper from.


ps im sure their was a thread were this question was answeared a few months ago. But they I had unexpected bills.

  Jameslayer 17:37 17 Jun 10

Cheapest I have found so far should have been £33.37 for proffesional from click here

  kristain 08:27 18 Jun 10

you can get help for windows 7 64 bit and information from click here

  cheap to fix 22:38 21 Jun 10

win 7 64bit is the best ever choice, stable powerfull and less viruses attacks. its compatible with everything unlike the old generation 64bit dilema.

it cant be better win 64bit is the way to go.

  Pine Man 10:32 22 Jun 10

'its compatible with everything'


  a member 16:24 22 Jun 10

you need a good antivirus system in addition to whatever OS you decide to have ,64bit is better (more secure) within itself ,but as far as viruses are concerned it is as vulnerable as 32bit . a lot of 32bit softwares wont run ,or are simply not supported on 64 bit so it wont (run everything) quite a lot of users had to buy new networking devices ,or printers etc as many older models are not supported in 64bit.
64bit is the way to go Yes ,as long as 3rd party software and hardware makers play ball , they have been slow to take it up so far ,although there is a sign at last with windows 7 of much less compatability issues .
an interesting thing about win 7 is that whatever version you buy ,the whole pack is installed ,what version you activate ,determins what functions are switched on or off by default .
Unless you plan to upgrade to say 8gb of ram or plan to use 64bit only 3rd party softwares, you wont see hardly any benifit to 64bit.

  961 10:35 23 Jun 10

Stick with 32 bit for a hassle free experience

Professional is all you'll need, don't pay extra for Ultimate

  ronalddonald 18:41 24 Jun 10

Try Linux mint

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