Which of these 3 to get rid of metro

  sunnystaines 19 Jan 13

Classis Shell....StartbuttonX....Startmenu8

are any better than the other any comennts anyone compared them to each other.

[not got w8 yet still genning up for new laptop]

  alanrwood 19 Jan 13

Smartmenu8 has had a few good wrtite ups and it comes out of Stardock who do have good support. As it is only $4.95 its not that expensive either.

Don't have any actual experience of any but I was researching for the same reason as you.

  mgmcc 19 Jan 13

I use "Classic Shell", which is free, restores the "Start Button" in Windows 8 and allows booting straight into the Desktop, without ever having to see the (IMHO awful) tiles.

  alanrwood 19 Jan 13

Microsoft deliberately removed the option so as to force people to conform to what they see as their best interests in the tablet and phone markets

  sunnystaines 19 Jan 13

looks like waiting for SP1 to get it fixed.

  alanrwood 19 Jan 13

We should be so lucky????

  rdave13 19 Jan 13

To save you all the hassle(?) of Windows 8 why not buy a laptop without an OS. If you have the Windows 7 retail disc anyway. Novatech sell them but I suppose others do as well. http://www.novatech.co.uk/laptop/?s=1

  sunnystaines 20 Jan 13

rdave used to use novatech a lot but their quality i think is poor these days, not sure if they had a change of owners or not but their own brand stuff just does not last.

  aquatarkus 20 Jan 13

I was really against the new Win8 start screen and tiles at first but now am think the metro start screen and tiles are much better than the start orb. Each to there own but really would advise giving Metro a fair try. you can put short cuts to "My Computer", "My Documents" Programs etc. on the start screen if you want. Search is really good just start typing the name of the program or file and it will give you a list of what its found. I do agree that there should be more options for the size of the tiles instead of large or small but I really am not missing the start orb at all any more. So much so that I have upgraded all my PC's (5) and 3 laptops (even the wife is now used to metro and wouldn't switch back) it works really well on my dedicated Home Theatre PC, some of the apps like Music Info and TuneIn (radio) I couldn't live with out any more.

Give it a chance, I did and think you'll grow to appreciate what MS are trying to achieve. If you really won't give it a chance and must have a start menu replacement then classic shell is probably best.

Regards Aquatarkus

  chub_tor 20 Jan 13

I use Start8 from Stardock and paid for it after the free trial. I still use the Metro interface when first booting up as I like the immediate access to email and programmes but I find the Win7 style interface that Start8 provides on the desktop is much simpler to use as it has the All Programmes menu with the easy access to Run, Control Panel etc and it can be customised just like Win7.


  sunnystaines 20 Jan 13

can i delete about 80% of the tiles? not into social media stuff and make new squares from shotcuts to programes,docs and favorites?


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