which mouse?

hi, to cut a long story short, i am summoning up the courage to go outside and pick up what's left of my logitech mx revolution. i have one on my xp pc which works great, but on this pc it keeps 'hitching/ snagging' almost like an old style mouse which needs the ball cleaning.
this is what i have tried:
every version of set point ever made.
every possible way of installing set point.
it works fine with aero disabled, but the only reason i want set point is that for document flip by side wheel (which is aero).
tried m/s drivers problem is worse.
tried a usb extension.
lastest usb2 drivers.
front and rear usb ports.

it is/ was a laser mouse, used on a light teak surface, im currently using an old hp ball type mouse, the right button fell off, i am giving this pc away and would like to know what cordless mouse would be best, optical or laser logitech or m/s, any advice/ experience would be great thanks.

  tullie 12:25 01 Oct 07

Never been impressed with cordless mice.Nothing easier than sticking one into a usb port in my opinion.

  Babou 12:54 01 Oct 07

Bit confused here - what do you mean by aero? The only aero I know is part of Windows Vista.

My optical mouse doesn't work well on light coloured surfaces. If your teak surface is very light, you could try using a darker mat.

As for wireless, I'm with tullie - USB mice are so much simpler! Maybe there's some interference with your wireless, like a wireless phone nearby or some physical barrier.

  Babou 13:04 01 Oct 07

D'oh sorry I just realised this is in the Vista section - I thought you were talking about an XP PC.

In that case, try uninstalling the mouse completely and reinstall with the latest driver, which you can download from the Logitech site.

thanks for the replies, it does seem like interference, how ever it works fine with aero off. i need a cordless mouse with this desk, but as i said the pc is going so will put a wired optical on it i think.
thanks again

  SteveWH 23:41 01 Oct 07

I recently had a problem with my MX Revolution only minor but annoying I tested it on another PC same problem (couldn't click and drag windows without them maximising}

I e-mailed Logitech support went through their trouble shooting routine then they said to take it for an exchange did that all well now.

got this click here still lags with aero on, so it wasnt interference, i wonder if this is connected with the missing letters when typing problem?

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