What in Windows 7 can affect page displays in ALL browsers

  MrA_2013 20 Jul 13

I run IE (factory installed and current version updated), as well as the latest "portable" (portableapps.com) versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. All FOUR of these browsers are experiencing the same problem with displaying certain webpages and I am trying to identify the source. When I try these pages on any other computer (even an old XP desktop) everything displays fine so I know the problem is my system. It is an Acer netbook running Windows 7 Starter (it's all I need for my "on-the-go" activities).

The basic display problem is on 2 websites: Gmail and Ymail. Using the "advanced" version of these websites menus don't work and individual emails can take MINUTES to display. Using the Basic/Classic versions was my workaround but now Ymail has eliminated that option and I find I have to work off a different computer for those emails.

I run several well respected antivirus (Avast, Clamwin) and antispyware (Spybot, MBAM) scans all the time, as well as a routine CCLEANER analysis and so far not so much as one blip of a malware item has shown up.

Somehow this "feels" like a java or javascript type issue but even though I eliminated every "JAVA" folder and file on the system I could find the problem persisted. Where else and what else in the system could be a possible culprit in this bizarre bug affecting 4 separate applications?

PS: PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO DO A FULL SYSTEM REINSTALL ... everything else on every other software item in the system behaves perfectly and it is only this 1 bug on these 2 websites that I am trying to isolate.

  Nontek 20 Jul 13

I run several well respected antivirus

If you have more than one anti-virus on the computer, there-in lies your problem.

Never use more than one anti-virus on any computer, though it is fine to have several anti-malware type programs.

  lotvic 20 Jul 13

Avast and Clamwin will be clashing with each other anyway. Disable and uninstall one of them.

Reboot and check if you still have a problem with the browsers

  MrA_2013 25 Jul 13

Sorry for the long delay replying, been busy getting ready for upcoming Fall semester. Other than Avast all the AV scans I use are manual runs only. Still, I came here for advice and so I tried what you said with no change in the displays. I used to have a job testing electronics and the practice there is to replace one circuit board at a time and see what changes. I applied the same methedology to your suggestion, first disabling each of my AV and malware software systems and still no solution. Then I took it to the next level and removed (uninstalled) ALL of the AV and malware software and the display problem persists. Any other suggestions?


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