What Is Secure Boot?

  Quickbeam 29 Oct 12

And do I have to have it to run W8?

After looking again at what isn't compatible for W8 on my PC, it's mainly old software that I can live without. That only leaves the Secure Boot incompatibility issue when I run the W8 assistant along with the possibility of needing a DVD playing app.

On the more info link in that assistant, this page comes up, but doesn't tell me if I need it or not. Leaving me unsure weather I can upgrade or not.

Does anyone know if I can?

  Quickbeam 30 Oct 12

I keep looking at various confusing pages on secure boot, but they all seem to be concerned with Linux installations.

I can't see a definate Yes I can install W8 or a No I can't install W8. Or if I can't, if there any workaround solution.

  mgmcc 30 Oct 12

Have a read of this page which suggests it is a feature of Windows 8 which determines what software can or cannot be run. Having said that, I haven't had a problem installing and running any of the programs that I usually use.

  daconnor 30 Oct 12

Both my laptop and desktop PC's had the Secure Boot issue flagged by the W8 assistant but in both cases the upgrade completed successfully and all seems to be fine.

  Zeppelyn 31 Oct 12

Put simply it only applies to PC's with newer UEFI type BIOS and prevents malware in the boot sector area of hard disks. If you have older type BIOS then it will install without problem.Basically nothing to worry about.

  Quickbeam 31 Oct 12

Thanks for those answers, the upgrade assistant software didn't make it simply clear that it would or wouldn't install, and for all the web pages of bumf on secure boot, all I wanted was a simple yes or no.

I'll give it a whirl this weekend now.


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