What is exFat as opposed to fat32 structure

my Seagate external hard drive was reformatted to the "ext3" file structure by my Humax PVR. I want to reformat it to "fat32" which I have tried to do but the structure is now described as "exfat". does that mean the external hard drive is in effect a "fat 32" format?

  mgmcc 13:41 12 Oct 11

If you want the "techie" stuff about exFAT, have a read of this article. It isn't FAT32 and does overcome many of the limitations of FAT32 where formatting as NTFS isn't suitable. Your drive partition is probably too large for Windows to be able to format it as FAT32, although a third-party "partition manager" or "disk management" software would do it.

I contacted Seagate who advise me of some software of Burns which, hopefully,will allow me to convert the drive from ex-fat back to fat 32. If anyone is interested I have the details.

Correction: I did not mean Burns but "their's"


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