What do you think of Vista?

  Pineman100 18:02 02 Aug 07

This topic may have been covered before, so I apologise if my rant is rather old hat.

I bought my wife a new laptop about a month ago, running Vista Home Premium. I *really* wish I hadn't.

*The Sidebar function sometimes works - but sometimes decides not to.
*You can't import your Contacts list from Outlook 2000 into Windows Mail.
*The supposedly improved search function in Windows Explorer is completely impenetrable (or maybe I'm just thick).
*Stupid, un-necessary changes have been made to the interface, just for the sake of it (presumably to justify the introduction of a "new" Windows). For example, you can't now click Start>Run. You have to click Start>All Programs>Accessories>Run. Why?
In Windows Mail, if you click on someone's email address shown as a link in their email, the new emailing window doesn't have a Send button.

These are just a few of my many niggles. Bottom line - it's taken Vista to convince me just how good XP is/was!

  4gig 18:09 02 Aug 07

Start> then just type RUN into box saying Start Search.
This bit is the same but it may not appear so.

It a case of getting used to it which shouldn't take too long.

  Pine Man 18:34 02 Aug 07

This has been really done to death and the camp is split!

I have had Vista since the start of the year and it has been faster, more efficient, more stable, more, more, more, more etc. On the other hand you will find loads of writers here who have had nothing but grief.

The bottom line is persist and it will probably be alright in the end.

I think I will change my name to Pineman101 ;-)

  Pineman100 18:57 02 Aug 07

I had a feeling I was probably going over old ground! And I guess you're right - persistence is what's needed.

I just can't avoid the sinking feeling I get when my wife asks me how to do so-and-so, and it's all different from XP - for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Anyway, I've had my rant, so I'll close the thread and pour myself a glass...

  Pine Man 19:39 02 Aug 07

..........a double usually helps!

  sinbads 22:18 02 Aug 07

To add run comand click start left click below help and support and choose properties then click customise scroll down to run comand then select prees ok and your done.

  IntoPCs 22:36 02 Aug 07

Good advice - gives you all sorts of options.

ps it's right click though

  sinbads 22:45 02 Aug 07

Sorry got my mouse wrong way round

  Pineman100 17:46 03 Aug 07

Useful tip. Also a reminder to make sure I know whether my mouse is coming or going.

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