What is the best USB memory drive for Ready Boost?

  simon_lambert 23:55 04 Apr 07

Hey, I have a 2gb RAM system, and I was looking into getting a USB memory stick (2gb) for, amongst other things, speeding up my PC with RB.

I have heard that different devices are better for RB: can anyone recommend one that has worked well on their system, or the criteria for what makes a memory drive good on Vista for Ready Boost.


  Bit o' cheese 00:19 05 Apr 07

Hi Si,

You might want to check out the link below:

click here


  Kate B 10:46 05 Apr 07

Sandisk makes a 2GB flash drive that says it's enhanced for ReadyBoost - it's the cruzer micro.

  Ashrich 22:50 06 Apr 07

I have read that with 2gb of ram a ready boost USB stick won't make a jot of difference , it really is for systems that are light on memory .


  Kate B 23:06 06 Apr 07

Ashrich, with respect, you haven't answered the question, you've just added something negative.

  tullie 23:30 06 Apr 07

Thats not negative,hes voicing his opinion,which may be right

  simon_lambert 00:19 07 Apr 07

Kate, thanks for your advice on the Sandisk, I got that one. I agree with tullie though, Ashrich should be allowed to voice his opinion, it is very relevant.

  Ashrich 08:55 07 Apr 07

Actually Kate B , it's extremely relevant , I am trying to stop someone spending unnecessary money on something that will not make the difference that he thinks it will , Ready Boost is a very handy thing that is built into Vista , but it really is for systems that are light on memory and as I said , with 2gb of ram already installed it won,t make any tangible change to the speed of the PC .


  cbaylor 03:27 10 Apr 07

Ashrich is right on the money. Save your money Simon 2 gigs is more than ok on vista adding more would do nothing!


  woofagooba 03:33 01 Feb 08

Apparently the know-it-alls, or so they think, that "answered" this need to have some knowledge of just what Readyboost is. Readyboost does not operate the same as system ram and even a system running 2GB of ram will see performance increase with Readyboost. Readyboost is a cache, not system ram. Saying you won't see a benefit is like indicating that if you have enough memory you don't need a swap file. Maybe in certain situations that could be true, but not overall.

  mooly 09:27 04 Feb 08

I have found even with only running 1GB RAM with Vista Home Premium the difference is marginal. Tried "Peak 1GB Extreme SD Card" and also a 2GB High Speed USB flash drive. Use Vista's Performance & Reliability monitor to see what is being written to the readyboost drive. Goto performance monitor and click the green cross, find readyboost then add counters such as read/write bytes per sec etc. Minimize the window and open lots of applications, then maximize performance monitor and view results. In the end I found advantage non existent for normal use. Let us know how you get on with it.

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