What is the best antivirus software?

  JeffStar 07 May 12

Is there a software decleares itself to be best antivirus software? Get lost when there is such a program called best antivirus software jumping out every minute i try to open a site or my excel, any advice would be great.

  Richard Hill 07 May 12

There is no best antivirus software,i think only better one, paid software has more function and capability than free one, sometimes not like...virus is very cunning to escape from av nowadays,wondering the one you met is not a real one, maybe you could search more info to check out, found a site saying some info about the best antivirus software scam,you may read it and compare...good luck!

  rdave13 07 May 12
  rdave13 07 May 12

Oops, read the thread again! Run free version of MBAM don't accept the trial of the professional version. Update and run full scan.

  Matt Bell 29 May 12

I think Avast is the best and also the most used software worldwide, it has good reviews and a good rating

  Mark_Brown11 11 Jun 12

You have not told about your OS. have you heard/used some/any of them? Have you experienced any trouble? If you have already used netfilter you are ok, but probably you are already familiar with another one. Also there is no best antivirus. The meaning of best is not really clear: best means it has the best gui, it is the most effective, it is the most difficult to set up, it has the best support or? http://www.techyv.com/questions/what-best-antivirus if you are using Linux then no need any anti virus.


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