webcams never worked in Vista Premium, why?

  rickf 15 Mar 09

I have 2 laptops, an Acer 5920G and a Medion Koya both with Vista Premium and SP1. Both the built-in webcams do not work in Windows Live Messenger. Keeps saying "your camera is in use by another device". I know it isn't, so whats wrong. Got the latest updates in both lappies. Can anyone help or shed some light on this prob. It's never worked since I bought the Lappiesa month ago.

  mole44 16 Mar 09

Have you tried an external camera via the usb port.another one is to uninstall all usb stuff in device manager restart pc and see if it sees the device,i`ve just moved over to Vista and had no end of stress (two weeks) installing hp5150 printer and epson 1670 scanner even with the correct drivers.

  mooly 16 Mar 09

How did I guess it would be an Acer,
click here

click here

You may find something here. I had problems with my Aspire running the free Vista upgrade... found some applications that did eventually work from Acer.

  mooly 16 Mar 09

Just tried the links.. they work OK but give a script error you can't exit from.
Well worth reading though. If you can't exit just do this,

To exit press CTR SHIFT and ESC together to open task manager. Select processes at the top and click IEexplorer.exe to highlight it, then click end process at the bottom.
Don't know why it's doing that on those links ?

  mooly 16 Mar 09

Very strange, works OK from google, just as links that they won't let you exit.

  rickf 17 Mar 09

hi guys, thanks for the replies. my built-in cam is a Crystal Eye so the aboce links do not apply. Continuing my serach for a solution.


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