W8 deleted all programs and disk drive

  sesseyc 02 Feb 13

My husband purchased W8 online last night. This OS deleted all of his programs on his PC that he purchased prior to upgrading, as well as deleting his disk drive. So far, this is the worst experience we have had in upgrading, but not only that, we have no idea how to get all these products back. We called tech support but they want US to pay them to fix it even though it's their company's program that did this. How do we get all these things back without having to re-pay for them (ms office 2010, WoW, GoW, Norton, Driver Boost, disk drive) or have to pay windows to fix their OS's screw up?

  aquatarkus 02 Feb 13

Hi there

What version of Windows did you have on the PC when you ran the upgrade? was it Win XP, Vista or 7?

You would have been given the following options, Upgrade (keep all my programs and settings), upgrade (just upgrade Windows don't keep any programs or settings)or keep nothing (clean install of Windows.

Now if you have Win XP then think you can only do a clean install doesn't keep any of your programs, documents etc.

If you have chosen the 2nd option all your programs, documents etc. will be in a folder on your C drive called Windows.Old.

You are going to have to reinstall all your programs from the discs or by redownloading again.

BUT if you had Windows XP then it only did a clean install and don't think there will be a Windows.Old folder.

Did you not do a backup of your system before carrying out the upgrade to Win8 or do you have the original discs where you can restore your pc to it's factory installed state, you will still have to re install all your programs etc. Sorry but it's NOT MICROSOFTS SCREWUP, IT's YOUR'S UNOFORTUNATLY

Regards Aquatarkus

  rdave13 02 Feb 13

As Aquatarkus but at least you have the licences for your software in your emails so you can download and install the programs again.

  Zeppelyn 03 Feb 13

"This OS deleted all of his programs on his PC."

No it didn't your hubby did by not choosing the correct option. As the others say you will have reinstall your programs which in my view is the best way to go.


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