W7 is at top of the dung heap, Here's Why?

  M@rk 20:26 12 Dec 09

1. My internet keeps dropping out. I have a belkin wireless adapter that keeps being disabled for reasons I am unaware.
2. I have a sandisk 16GB usb zip drive that does the same. I start using the drive and halfway through it stops responding and the only way to get either of them working again is to reboot the PC.
3. My external USB hard drive. I start using the drive and halfway through it stops responding.
4. My Sony Camera when connected via USB also. I start using it and halfway through it stops responding.
5. When any of the above happen the computer fails to restart, it hangs on shutting down and has to be a hard reset.

  bremner 10:34 13 Dec 09

The common factor is clearly the USB port(s).

What have you tried in order to fix the problem?

  M@rk 10:45 13 Dec 09

Nothing as i don't have a clue where to start?

  bremner 11:58 13 Dec 09

Is this a desktop or laptop as this sounds like a power management issue

  M@rk 14:41 13 Dec 09

Its a Desktop, Sory it took a while to get basck as my internets been playing up

  bremner 14:44 13 Dec 09

Some machines have a power option setting that shuts down the USB after a period of no data transfer.

Go into your settings and check this is not the case for you. (Control Panel>Power Options)

What operating system is installed.

  M@rk 14:57 13 Dec 09

so has my spelling???

  M@rk 14:58 13 Dec 09

windows 7

  M@rk 15:02 13 Dec 09

I can't find power option in the control panel

  M@rk 15:08 13 Dec 09

on reflection it can't be shutting down as the internets via a usb wireless adapter, and the other items are being used then they stop working halfway through data transfares etc.

  bremner 15:16 13 Dec 09

Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change adbanced power settings > USB Settings > USB selective suspend setting > Setting > Disable


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