Vista Wont Update-Why?

  belcanto 30 Apr 09

Hi there, I hope that someone can help, for a while now. Every time I click on it, the window comes up but remains blank. The same happens if I go too the site directly. I would be greatful for a helpful suggestion, as the same happens with Windows Live Messenger. It can download it but when it comes to installing the compnants, it says "registering with windows update" and that is it. It never seems to actually do anything.


  User-1229748 01 May 09

does it not even give an error code? are you able to update your security software? if so it might be worth giving your anti's a run.

  belcanto 01 May 09

No..there is no error code, it just hangs, if I do an alt/ctrl/Delete to stop the process then it says programme unresponsive. I can update my security software no problem (I use AVG and ZoneAlarm) and have run AV scans which have found nothing.

Am I better off doing a system restore to an earlier time?


  User-1229748 01 May 09

i would say so yes,have you could give ccleaner a go before though in case it's something that has been left behind that is causing it,it could also be zone alarm that is blocking it for some reason- ccleanerclick here

  User-1229748 01 May 09

also have you downloaded any apps for messenger as these can be a bit troublesome at times?

  belcanto 01 May 09

Hi smackheadz, I have CC cleaner and have run it during one of my numerous attempts to download MSN Live. I have also turned off Zone Alarm, tried only downloading MSN Live messenger and nothing else but still no joy.

The funny thing is, I can download MSN 8.5 and for a while it works. Then for some reason, if I try to use it, it freezes. Again no error code..the cursor says that it is running but it just wont actually work properly.

Smackheadz, if you have any further ideas please share them.


  OTT_Buzzard 01 May 09

Might be worth checking for the conficker virus - not being able get to wndows update is a tell-tale sign of it.

click here for a quick easy way to tell....

  User-1229748 01 May 09

looks like this was a similar problemclick here


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