Vista wont update

  DJ Techz 16:28 PM 21 May 09

Vista wants to install an update but it just fails with the error message

Code 80072EFD Windows Update encountered a problem

What do I do?

I havent even got SP1 yet so i really need to do some updates

  Pine Man 17:10 PM 21 May 09

Try to update again and when you get the error message come up click on the number 80072EFD and it should give you further information and a link, possibly, to a fix.

  DJ Techz 20:36 PM 21 May 09

it says that i need to add 3 sites to the firewall allowed list. But i am using windows firewall. I did have comodo but i uninstalled it but in windows security centre that it is on and active when it is uninstalled

  User-1229748 04:27 AM 22 May 09

you could try reinstalling comodo and then uninstall again as comodo can be a pig to get rid of,and reboot after uninstalling it.another thing to try and get rid of comodo is revo uninstallerclick here

  Bob The Blob 04:28 AM 22 May 09

You could reinstall Comodo.
Then turn it off so it's not running before you uninstall it again.
Hopefully that will work.
Or look here for more ideas click here

  User-1229748 04:32 AM 22 May 09

seems there might be a tool that can reset windows security center for just your situationclick here


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