vista wont connect to internet

  skyblue58 10:51 27 Oct 07

Im trying to get on the internet using aol 9 and windows vista basic..I keep getting the message failed to find well known host click here using DNS.the server maybe down.... this has happened several times and usually i have to reinstall my router software this a windows or a isp problem..has anyone had the same problem.any solutions for me...thank you

  tullie 15:21 27 Oct 07

The shortcut is to a microsoft site,was that intended?

  skyblue58 16:28 27 Oct 07

no i just typed the error message as it is screen.i suppose when you type it gives you the shortcut

  Ashrich 08:37 30 Oct 07

Are you using the Vista AOL software ? ( 9.0 VR )
What do you mean by " router software " as routers don't need software as they are OS independent , they run on anything as long as they are attached to a network port . A DNS fault may come from the router itself , try power cycling or resetting the router and see if that helps .


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