Vista Windows Mail cannot read yahoo mail

  badgermansix 28 Dec 12

My friend has been using Vista Windows Mail for her Yahoo mail for a couple of years with via BT. She then developed a problem and and found she could not use "Windows Mail" for her mail any longer, but could still access her mail by going direct to "Yahoo", so it looks like a Vista "Windows Mail" setup problem. I have a 2nd laptop with Vista and tried to set up my current Yahoo mail account on it, but no matter what I have read on line, I find it impossible to read my yahoo mail but can send Yahoo mail on it, it also sends and recieves blueyonder addresses o.k. I am now totally confused, can somewone advise me please, so that I can help her.


  difarn 29 Dec 12

Which browser is being used? Is it IE9? Have you tried another browser, Firefox for example?

If you have tried it in IE9 try rolling this back to IE8 by going to Control Panel, Programs and Features (add remove program depending on OS), click on "view installed updates" in left hand column, right click on Windows Internet Explorer 9, select uninstall, restart PC - it should automatically roll back to IE8.

  badgermansix 29 Dec 12

hello difarn, I did as you suggested but got the same result as before i.e. when I open "windows mail" a window appears asking me for Username and password for "" it doesn't accept my username, abbreviated to the first part (all before or full address, or my password, do you know if the pop that I am using is correct for yahoo?

thanks for your help.

  difarn 29 Dec 12

This article may help you with the configuration of incoming and outgoing servers.

You will need to scroll down towards the end of the article.


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