Is Vista Update History printable?

  polymath 17 Jun 09

Vista Home Premium; I can't find a way of printing the Windows Update History.
The 'File' menu of my Update History window has only the 'Close' option. I can't copy & paste it either; the 'Edit' options are greyed out, and I can't seem to select text with the cursor either. Printscreen/Alt-Printscreen have no effect.

Am I missing something that's right under my nose? I used to do it in 98SE OK.

(I do heed the prevailing advice by the way, and simply let Windows Automatic Updates do what & when it thinks fit. It's just that I'm setting up my desktop, currently getting the security in place ready for downloading my preferred software, so it's useful to keep an eye on things. I keep having to scribble down details of an update, and they're coming thick and fast; I bought the Vista Home Premium desktop and laptop 18 months ago, but internet problems meant that only the laptop is in business so far).

This printing problem is the same in the laptop, which is fully updated with Windows and everything else (so it seems unlikely to be down to a missing update). I recently installed a new printer, but it's done everything else I've thrown at it so far.
I can't find any other approach to the history file than opening Windows Update (perhaps Notepad would open & print it, if I knew the filename?)

I couldn't find anything in Microsoft Support about printing the Update History (couldn't find the right keywords, maybe).

  acein1 17 Jun 09

im not sure if i understand your problem ,however,have you tried running "belarc advisor",and printing off the result, hope this helps

  polymath 17 Jun 09

Thanks acein, I'll look into belarc advisor.

I wanted to know if it's possible to print out the list of updates seen by opening the Windows Updates program in Vista and pressing 'View Update History'; if not, so be it. If it is possible, my settings might be wrong.

  polymath 17 Jun 09

Sorry, have to go now, back tomorrow.

  mooly 18 Jun 09

Use Vistas snipping tool to take a .jpg screen shot and print that.

  mooly 18 Jun 09

Just tried "prt screen" and it works.
Bring your update history up and press "ctrl" and "PrtSc" together. Open wordpad and click "edit" at the top and select "paste special" which lists two choice's. Either option seem to work which pastes the clipboard into the document.

  polymath 18 Jun 09

Thanks mooly.
The Snipping tool certainly does seem handy. I'd heard of it but hadn't got round to trying it (it now has a well-deserved place in the Quick Launch bar).
I found it the simpler option for printing out the update history; 6 pages in turn in this case but, having done that, I'll only have to add the top (latest) screenful to update it.

Some tasks seem to have got more roundabout in Windows (or have I just got more impatient?) The printouts will still save me lots of time overall, though. Thanks!

  mooly 18 Jun 09

Your welcome. The snipping tools great isn't it.


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