Vista Ultimate Upgrade 32 bit

  Dudey 17:18 14 Mar 07

I have XP Pro, McAfee Internet Suite 2007 (installed and Uninstalled) on a 939 system (4200+ 64 processor) - 2Gb Ram 2x SATA drives - Raid 0, X800XT AGP ... I am unable to upgrade the system hangs while gathering information and the Task Manager shows the processor runnimng at 100%. I waited 3 hours and the progress bar was stuck at the same point

  Kate B 17:41 14 Mar 07

Better off doing a clean install, which you can do from the upgrade. click here

Also, if you've got Raid it's worth making sure that you have the most up to date bios for your motherboard.

  Dudey 17:45 14 Mar 07

I would like to keep the data on the old set-up but will considered this as an option... THanks Kate B!!!

  Kate B 17:50 14 Mar 07

I couldn't upgrade my Raid set-up and had to go for the clean install, which worked like a charm after I'd flashed the bios. Boot from the DVD and take it from there.

  Dudey 17:52 14 Mar 07

Did you have the same problem?????

  Kate B 18:05 14 Mar 07

What, the failure to upgrade? Yes. I put it down to my Raid drivers but on reflection, having done some more reading since then, it was almost certainly the bios.

  LinH 19:34 14 Mar 07

Don't bother with the upgrade option, it's a waste of time, go for the clean install instead.

There are almost certainly some lagacy issues when you upgrade and even if Vista installed ok there will be various problems that will manifest themselves and cause you grief.

Upgrading is just not worth the effort.

  CodenameCueball 18:36 17 Mar 07

if you do a clean install it keeps all the old files from the old stuff in a folder called "windows.old" keep the pics and the documents, with vista. just move them to the documents folder. althought you do have to install all software again

  webb204 00:01 25 Mar 07

i did an upgrade ,didnt back up anything ,it worked a treat !!!!my pc runs as smooth if not smoother than xp ,(it is only 5 months old )i did abit of research and found that people were getting better results with upgrades than clean install (crazy i know) apparantly a vista upgrade removes all traces of your old operating system,unlike old upgrades ,which installed on top of the previous system,all i can say is it worked well for me !

  Forum Editor 00:34 25 Mar 07

Upgrading works well for lots of people, but some installations don't go well, and then a clean install is the answer. That's not specifically a Vista phenomenon, it applies to lots of software.

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