Vista on Toshiba laptop

  montrachet 18:16 PM 31 Aug 09

I have a Toshiba laptop L300 1AQ running Vista Premium. It seems to take an age to load up and then an age to shut down. If I change the software to run on XP is there any chance it will be any quicker, or am I just kidding myself.
Thanks in advance

  mooly 18:56 PM 31 Aug 09

How long is long ?
Open windows defender and look in software explorer to see what programs run at start up. Anything not related to Vista can be disabled. This only prevents them loading at startup, doesn't stop them running when called on.
Vista on it's own should boot up in a minute to minute and a half I guess... security packages can easily double that. Shutdown should be quick, I reckon on about 15 to 20 secs from hitting the power button to all "all lights out"

  Pineman100 19:10 PM 01 Sep 09

What's the spec of your computer? In particular, how much memory has it got?

1GB is a bare minimum for Vista Home Premium. 2Gb is much better.

mooly's advice is well worth following. In addition, I would uninstall any unused software on the computer. Then run a clean-up with something like CCleaner, and finally run a defrag.


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