Vista takes ages to allow entry of wake up password

  dsmail 28 Jun 12

When Vista wakes up at the login screen, I have a long wait before it allows me to enter my password. Is there a way this delay can be shortened.


  difarn 29 Jun 12

Are all of your drivers up to date, particularly the graphics driver?

  dsmail 29 Jun 12

Yep, all drivers up to date. I have a hunch it's to do with 2 USB HDDs that go to sleep with Vista and the system may be waiting for them to waken up. I could try disabling their sleep modes I suppose.


  difarn 29 Jun 12

Yes that is very possible - every time your PC wakes up it has to go through the process of loading everything. You could consider changing the number of start up programmes until after boot-up/log in.

  dsmail 29 Jun 12

Sounds interestng - how do I do that?

  difarn 29 Jun 12

Go to

Start - Run - type in msconfig - enter - you will see a start up tab - the programmes that start are there and you can edit them.

  dsmail 30 Jun 12

I'm familiar with msconfig, but I can't see how programmes in the "Startup" tab could be configured to run pre or post login. Thanks


  difarn 30 Jun 12

Unchecking the boxes will remove those programmes that automatically start up on your system on boot-up. You may like to read this article. This may also have a bearing on the amount of time that you have to wait before you can enter your password upon wake-up.

  dsmail 01 Jul 12

It's a matter of finding out what items in startup are really necessary. I've been through this list many times and some items are obvious and some not. Perhaps it's trial and error (with the entries that are not obvious) to discover what can be eliminated to possibly speed things up.

I've been through "Services" as well to try and cut down to a minimum what runs automatically at startup. Every system will be different though depending on what's installed.

Thanks for the article link - interesting reading. I'll give that go.



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