Vista SP1 Gloom

  igk 14:37 22 Feb 08

Microsoft is warning Windows Vista users that a forthcoming service pack for the operating system may stop some third-party programs working.
Partial list of programmes and article here:
click here

  Jak_1 14:40 22 Feb 08

Situation normal then!

  anskyber 15:30 22 Feb 08

Unusual for the BBC to report something incorrectly.

The reality is most will be blocked if the version installed is not the most recent Vista compliant one; but then that is not newsworthy is it.

This more factual link click here in effect says ensure that the most up to date version is installed. ZoneAlarm for example have said that their latest Security Suite is Vista SP1 compliant.

  interzone55 17:21 22 Feb 08

The problem is that a lot of security software is quite badly written, and the coders take short cuts by using non-supported OS features.

When a major update happens to the OS, all this badly written code suddenly breaks.

This is a perfect example of why you should always make sure all your software - OS, Security suite, applications & games - is regularly patched.

  igk 20:15 22 Feb 08

I see that you have quoted a "KB" in your link, after 30 or so years in the business I have learned not to believe all that M$ put forward.

  anskyber 22:25 22 Feb 08

Given that the BBC report is derived from the KB it's the best anyone has got.

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