Vista SP1 does it ask before updating?

  grumpy-git 16:33 20 Apr 08

My laptop is set to update automatically. It tells me there is 1 important update 65mb - 427mb and gives an "install updates" button.

Does it not install itself because of the driver problems I've read about? All previous updates seem to have been "automatic".


  anskyber 18:01 20 Apr 08

It asks.

  grumpy-git 18:51 20 Apr 08

Thanks, so if it asks - does it mean it is safe to install it? Having read about drivers being incompatible on some machines I don't want to "force" it & get problems!

  anskyber 19:25 20 Apr 08

In theory ( actually it should be in practice!)
the SP1 update should NOT be offered to you if you have a driver issue.

Disable your security or anti virus during install.

  grumpy-git 01:14 21 Apr 08

Thanks anskyber, it installed without a problem.


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