vista sp1 comment from microsoft

  sunny staines 12:51 08 Mar 07
  Kate B 12:54 08 Mar 07

I think people like to sound clever when they huff sagely about waiting till SP1. Vista is a very good OS. The only issues as far as I can see is with third-party vendors. I'm really pleased I'm using it.

  sunny staines 13:03 08 Mar 07

not got it yet but thought some might like the article. I ran beta rc1 / rc2 still undecided, happy with XP the high price of vista has stalled my enthusiasm i will wait and see what sp1 brings.

what is it about vista that you find better than xp? and do you find it was value for money? im just curious

  Kate B 13:52 08 Mar 07

I like the search facility - it's much more intuitive; and I like the interface. And I think it's a logical step on from XP. If I had kids I'd think it a pretty essential upgrade as the parental controls are so good. I also like the way it handles pictures.

I can't comment on it being value for money as my copy of Ultimate came from the press office but put it this way: I doubt I'd have paid for a full copy of Ultimate but I almost certainly would have shelled out for an upgrade to Home Premium or an OEM of Ultimate.

thanks for your reply, i agree with the search, great for beginners like me! i just found most of the other features, like parental controls, i had on my av package anyway, the 2 av packages i have tried also control registry changes and monitor programs in the trusted zone, so i wondered if the frequent allow pop ups (a pet hate of mine) were overkill?
i agree it's a much smoother experience to xp, but felt these cosmetic features to be rather demanding on the system, ie you have to have a pretty powerful system to support it.
and felt the compatibility issues outweighed the benefits, i also had problems with my pc freezing, if i left it doing nothing and had to turn off by holding the power button down.
thanks again for your reply

and in my usual half soaked manner, i spent £219 on home premium, (I know, I know!)

  Kate B 14:21 08 Mar 07

Hey, I spend money on all sorts of stupid things. If you've got it and it makes you happy, enjoy!

positive! and it does a sterling job propping up 'the stratocaster chronicles' on my bookshelf, so mustnt moan too much!

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