Vista slower than XP for games?

  DieSse 17:25 07 Oct 06

Vista gaming will be 10 to 15 per cent slower than XP

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  De Marcus™ 18:19 07 Oct 06

With the rendering capabilities of today's graphics cards I doubt that a 10 to 15% drop will matter much in terms of real world game playability. We often see (and sometimes base our buying decisions) on frame rates and to a degree that's the way it should be for what has high frame rates in a game now, means future games should be quite playable also therefore making our purchases last that little bit longer.

Where frame rates are concerned, we can't tell the difference beyond a certain level. When Vista comes to launch a new breed of GPU's will undoubtedly be unleashed upon us, all of which will probably cope eyewateringly well with this reported performance drop, true or not.

My opinion anyway ;-)

  wolfie3000 05:45 21 Oct 06

Im with De Marcus on this one,

With the new generation of gfx cards coming out even the most hardened gamer will be hard pushed to notice the drop in frame rates,

With the release of vista and the new generation of gfx cards coming out soon the future for games looks like a bright one.

  powerless 12:08 21 Oct 06

Drop to classic.

  De Marcus™ 12:18 21 Oct 06

Drop to classic for games?

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