vista shutdown

  sunny staines 09:52 16 Oct 08

get the occasional restart during shutdown.

when i shutdown at night i normally turn the power off at the plug.

but a few times the pc reboots before i can turn the power off. [not every time but occasionally]

any advice please use vista ultimate.

it seems to be software related, i would check all power up options in bios are disbled, just to confirm it's vista, check all hung programs are killed off after, say 20 seconds and disable auto reboot. oh! the link. i read through click here

  sunny staines 14:43 16 Oct 08

thanks, will try those

  mfletch 19:29 16 Oct 08

Also make sure nothing else is plugged into the computer {camera>external hard drive etc}

  sunny staines 21:01 16 Oct 08

nothing plugged in.

  oldbeefer2 10:36 19 Oct 08

SS - have you sorted this yet as wife's laptop has started to do the same thing (until she downloaded SP1, and now it won't boot at all, but that's another story!).

  sunny staines 17:22 19 Oct 08

not happened since, but it is irregular in occurance.

i have sp1 installed.

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