Vista Screw up

  igk 13:32 06 Jul 07

My question is can Vista screw up mobo chips?
My reason for asking is that I put on vista,clean instal, and it did not like the Belkin networking system that I use at home (6 other pcs are ok) so I removed partition,reformatted and put my xp pro back on, now the computer siezes up at every opportunity sometimes goes for a few minutes then freezes,no mouse,no keyboard,hd light can stay on,if on internet at the time will also freeze,only way of starting is to cold reboot, after googling have found others reporting similar problems.
Any thoughts appreciated..

  anskyber 13:42 06 Jul 07

Drivers? Vista will have auto updated them on install. Are they different for XP and Vista with your mobo?

  igk 14:07 06 Jul 07

anskyber, Like I said I reformatted and did a fresh instal of xp pro so there should have been nothing left at all of Vista on the machine, all updates were then done, the machine now keeps freezing up, this has never happened before hence my thought that the mobo chips have been damaged..
I have been working in IT for 12 years and have never had this before..

  Totally-braindead 14:37 06 Jul 07

I fail to see how any OS could do anything to the motherboard chips. I suspect its something else causing this, what I don't know but Vista cannot flash the BIOS which is what you are talking about.

  Ashrich 20:48 06 Jul 07

Have you checked with your Motherboard manufacturer to see if a bios update was needed before loading Vista ? A lot of the free upgrade disks that were handed ( sold ! ) out had driver and bios upgrade disks with them for that reason .


  igk 21:38 06 Jul 07

Ashrich, Perhaps I am not being clear enough, vista did not work for me as it refused to work with my belkin hardware and home network and therefore was unable to get internet access to update anything,I do not intend to spend out on more networking hardware so I formatted and reinstalled Win xp pro that had worked very well before this farce, after installing xp pro and getting all updates the machine started to freeze up at intermittent intervals, I am asking if anyone knows if vista can damage the mobo chips to cause this to happen,I have googled the problem and there are instances reported of problems after reinstalling another system after vista has been removed.

  Forum Editor 01:56 07 Jul 07

I'm a little surprised that you would think that an operating system could "screw up mobo chips".

Motherboard chips use ROM, which can't be altered by an operating system. It can be flashed, but only by a purpose-written routine designed by the chip manufacturer, and only with your active participation.

I'm also surprised to hear you say that Vista "did not like the Belkin networking system that I use at home ". In what way didn't it 'like' the system? I use Belkin wireless networking hardware myself, and it works perfectly with Vista.

  igk 10:34 07 Jul 07

Yes thank you for your comments Forum Editor still as rude as ever I see! I made a genuine enquiry over this as I had seen on other forums that people had trouble of a similar nature and yes I have been in IT for 12 years and never had anything like this before THAT is why I posted here, if you would care to take a look at this forum perhaps you could see my concern:
click here
or are they all wrong too..
As far as I am concerned this thread is now closed.

  anskyber 11:47 07 Jul 07

If it's closed you might want to tick it so others do not see it as requiring a further input.

Out of interest I did read your link and I see that although it did not reach any clear conclusion (ie is it Vista or hardware or something else) the thread originator "solved" the noise problems by using different drivers. It could therefore still be a driver not Vista issue.

I also note that there were questions about how hardware responds to different influences. I think you probably have not helped your own cause here by the title of your thread, you have prejudged the issue rather than seeking to get answers with an open mind.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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