Vista reinstallation

  skidojnr 26 May 09

I bought a new laptop last year from PC WORLD with vista pre-loaded,however there was no cd or anything else with it. Anyway, a few weeks after my warranty expired, my hard drive went south so i had to buy a new hard drive.Luckily, i had a backup of my data files but unfortunately not the OS. My problem now is do i have to buy vista a fresh as i didn't have a backup before my prevoius harddrive crashed? please help!!!

  gazzaho 27 May 09

If your laptop came without a physical Windows installation disk, then it should have had some information on how to do a factory restore in the event of a corrupted OS.

Some manufacturers allow you to burn a recovery disk/disks when you first boot the machine which you can then use to "recover" your system. Other manufacturers use a partition on the hard drive to store the recovery files and yet others use a combination of both.

I would try contacting either PC World or the manufacturer of your laptop and explain what happened and how to go about doing a factory restore, they would be able to give you the best advice on what to do. As the original hard drive is dead the recovery partition option, if one was used, is also gone but you might be able to buy DVD disks from the manufacturer to restore rather than pay for a new Vista OS.

  User-1229748 27 May 09

what make of laptop is it?if it is hp or compaq you can order a set of disks for your model from the hp website.

  skidojnr 27 May 09

Thank you guys. being trying to order the disks from hp website for the best part of 2 hours and am just absolutely frustrated. anyway, will try again later. once again, thanks for help guys. much appreciated. have a nice day!


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