Vista!! problems with permission to overwrite fil

  imarcus2 22:50 10 Nov 07

Having decided to upgrade to Vista, I find a number of little annoyances, the most irritating being the dialogue box that comes up and says "you need permission...." when I am trying to upgrade from an earlier version of a programme.

In this case I loaded Spybot 1.3, and it duly ran and suggested an upgrade search and found version 1.4. It set about loading one over the other but came back and said "non!" "you haven't got permission.

Whose permission do I need? Bill Gates, God? I am already the administrator, and have switched off UAC.

Are there any categories I've missed, or any other tweaks I can use please?

  brundle 00:10 11 Nov 07

Both versions were written before Vista, you need 1.5 and maybe those messages will stop. click here

  rdave13 00:25 11 Nov 07

As brundle says uninstall earlier versions of Spybot S&D. Download click here ,the beta version. Ironed out some loading niggles even on XP.
To run then right click on Spybot icon and select 'run as administrator' in the drop down menu. You'll be able to immunize then.

  imarcus2 13:31 11 Nov 07

My problem was that version 1.4 wouldn't over-write 1.3, but followed your advices, and 1.5 duly slotted in and over-wrote 1.3 and it all functions fine now.

Thanks chaps!

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