vista and pendrive

  frostypug 12:50 11 Aug 08

I have just bought a 4 gb pen drive. My laptop which runs vista will recognise it but my desktop pc does not and also when I insert the pendrive my pc crashes and will not restart or close down
Any help on solving this much appreciated
It is a sandisk

  Forum Editor 18:54 11 Aug 08

inserting the drive before you start the PC?

What happens if you do that?

  frostypug 21:06 11 Aug 08

Yes what I did was inserted the pendrive then tried to restart and the pc would'nt it just kept trying to close down. In the end I had to switch it off via the plug.

  Forum Editor 17:06 12 Aug 08

you have more than one USB port on your PC - have you tried inserting the drive into all of them, and if so, does the same thing happen?

If it does, the problem is almost certainly on the PC, rather than in the drive.

  frostypug 21:32 12 Aug 08

I run my camera off the same usb port so I have sent it back. but v strange. thankyou all for your replys.Its nice to know someone cares.
Great forum

  Forum Editor 23:44 12 Aug 08

and I'm sure you've done the right thing - it looks as if you got hold of a faulty drive. It's very rare, but it happens.

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