vista password lockout "please help"

  peterh1 04 Mar 09

ive got a real problem here guys and girls????my vista laptop has had a mad episode and will not except my welcome screen pass word..ive tryed loads of the so-called unlock windows password progs and no results please help only thing i can think is the kids have changed it and not owning up...? ive tryed safe made...the boot screen and all the start up utilities and plus ive tryed alt ctrl del and nothing...i really dont want to lose all my pics and docs music but a total restore seems the only option let to me at this stage....please advise....thank you....

  canarieslover 04 Mar 09

If you can't get into Windows at all and you really have to do a complete restore then try one of the Linux distributions that run from cd. You may well be able to save your files to an external drive before you resort to to the restore.

  sunnystaines 04 Mar 09

thats why there is bit locker for total security on the biz editions.


just marking this page so i can find if i ever need this

  Forum Editor 04 Mar 09

but we can't advise people how to circumvent the Windows password login - for reasons that will be obvious.

I know it's frustrating, and I'm not for one moment suggesting that you're trying to get into someone else's user account or computer. Some people do try to do that, however, and I'm afraid I'm not prepared to be the one who allows the publication of ways to do it.


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