Vista or XP?

  thetrickster 09:00 21 Jan 08

hi all. about to build my own p.c. Which operating system should i go for Vista or XP. 32 bit or 64 bit? Bearing in mind i want it for the latest games. I would also like to utilise DX10 during gameplay.

  tullie 09:49 21 Jan 08

I thought that if you needed DX10,then its got to be vista,i may be wrong though.

  anskyber 09:51 21 Jan 08

DX 10 is an architecture for Vista only (in it's full form) click here

So it's Vista even though the full gaming potential for Vista is not realised. Drivers for graphics cards are still evolving and some have had gaming problems with Vista. In a way it's work in progress but ultimately Vista will deliver a wider gaming opportunity than XP.

There is a limited range of 64bit drivers so Vista 64 may prove difficult in terms of driver availability. The situation is not helped by the fact that Vista will only accept signed drivers for 64 bit whereas 32 bit will accept unsigned drivers.

Summary, Vista 32 bit.

  paul€ 09:53 21 Jan 08

Vista 32bit.

  martd77 10:00 21 Jan 08

vista 32bit
Ive run this on my new pc for 3 months and i love it,sure sometimes its infuriating and if you havent got a good pc it can be slow
I wouldnt go back to xp now

  Totally-braindead 20:31 21 Jan 08

Theres no arguement if you definatly want DX10 it has to be Vista as XP will not support DX10.

You will need a good PC though as Vista demands a lot.

  Coltch 10:17 22 Jan 08

If all of the components/peripherals are new and you want 4GB of RAM go with Vista x64, if you don't plan on 4GB(or more!) then Vista 32bit (DX10 is Vista only, DX10.1 when SP1 is released).

I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit which is fine as I only have 2GB, my next build will have a minimum of 4GB so I'll be getting Vista Ultimate x64 for that.

  thetrickster 16:57 22 Jan 08

what is the difference between vista 32 and vista 64????

  anskyber 17:02 22 Jan 08
  Totally-braindead 17:06 22 Jan 08

As far as I know the 2 main differences are.

64 bit Vista will see more memory than 32 bit which will only see up to 4 gig including the memory on your graphics card and
any device you have on your computer that has a driver(which is anything hardware related really) has to have a certified driver with 64 bit windows. If its not certified then it won't even install and you can't use it. Meaning that if theres some bit of hardware without a 64 bit certified driver it basically won't work.

If theres any other big difference I'm sure others will clarify.

  thetrickster 20:09 22 Jan 08

Curently the p.c that I am building will have 2 gig of ddr3. If i get vista 64 bit do i need to invest in another 2 gig?? Or can i upgrade at a later date, bearing in mind that ddr3 is still quite expensive compared to ddr2. Will 64 bit have any advantage over 32 bit when it comes to gaming.

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