Is this Vista, or my PC

  ventanas 14:07 03 May 07

Every time I disconnect a removeable drive, either caddy or pen, using Safely Remove etc.., the screen goes black for about one second at each stage of the process. A bit unnerving at first, but am used to it now. Just wondered if this was normal.

  BurrWalnut 15:21 03 May 07

It doesn't happen to me but I never use 'safely remove...'.

I just wait a few seconds after accessing it then unplug it, just the same as I do in XP.

  Pine Man 16:43 03 May 07

Just tried my USB card reader using 'Safely Remove' and it behaved just as it did with XP and the screen didn't go black at all.

  ventanas 17:00 03 May 07

Must be me then, could be something to do with the video driver. I'll just have to go with it. Thanks very much

  Miki2108 18:21 03 May 07

my screen does that with vista as well,even when opening programs in administrator mode as well not jus removing drives

  SteveWH 18:28 03 May 07

This also happens when using UAC which i have turned off now as it really began to get on my nerves.

  eoinrua 23:42 03 May 07

Hi, you're not alone. It's a Vista thing for sure.

I use a combined monitor/TV with my PC and when Vista boots up it shows the desktop for a little while then goes black.

It wasn't a problem in XP for I used the same monitor and it never happened. Neither is it a problem in Linux. I boot several Linux distros - one from a pen drive - and it doesn't happen.

The good news is it's not a big problem when booting Vista - all I do is change to a TV channel, switch back to PC and everything's fine.

Vista's still pretty buggy, but I'm sure it'll all be OK with SP1...

  Input Overload 00:53 04 May 07

I sometimes get a black screen for a second or two on boot up after the desk has loaded, then all is ok.

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