Vista older pc slow start up

  gazzaboy20 14 Dec 11

My older pc is really slow to start up and after about 15mins runs normally. It runs Vista and has 2gb memory. I know it is about 5/6 years sold but is there any good programs that will speed it up. I have AVG free antivirus and for some reason the windows security centre cant be started when i try to activate it on ? any help would be appreciated guys.

  difarn 14 Dec 11

The first thing to do is a bit of housekeeping.

Update all drivers - go into Devices Manager to do this Update your updates Clear out browsing history and temporary internet files - download CC Cleaner and (1) Go into "Cleaner" and do a general clean (2) Go into "Tools" and see if there are any old programmes that are not wanted Do you have the AVG Free 2012 edition? Try uninstalling old editions of Java and installing the latest version Do you have a printer plugged into a usb port? If so try unplugging it to see if there is any effect.

  onthelimit1 15 Dec 11

In CCleaner tools, cut down the number of progs that startup automatically. Remove AVG and install Microsoft Security Essentials.

  gazzaboy20 16 Dec 11

yeah thanks have downloaded ccleaner and its working better already. I already had a program called ncleaner as well.How do i update drivers ??

  gazzaboy20 16 Dec 11

yeah guys i have downloaded ccleaner and ran it. Its working better already.Already had a program called ncleaner aswell. So how do i update drivers ??

  difarn 16 Dec 11

Go into Device Manager - Start - Control Panel - System and Maintenance - Device Manager

There you will see all of your PC components listed. You need to double click on each of these to open each category - this expands the lists. You then right click on each item and you will see the option to update drivers. You will then be given options of - search for drivers on the internet/search this computer for drivers - go for the internet option.

If you have Windows updates enabled drivers are automatically updated.

  alexpjhone 26 Dec 11

Hi, Do you checked the programs at start up, these also cause for slow system boot up or start up. 1)Go to start>run>msconfig, and then choose the programs you do not want to start when window starts up. This will also increase your pc performance. 2) once you have registered avg installed then you might not need of window security essentials.This may also increase your startup.

For more info you can have this info also and then let us know. enter link description here

  proudfoot 27 Dec 11

For a PC thatt old I would suggest a reinstall of the system files. Also an increase in RAM would help somewhat and software would run faster. You do not say if you have a vista disc or a Factory Image on an otherpartition. Check the Bios screen on boot up to find out how to access the Image file and if you didn't make copy when you first bought the PC make some discs for future use.


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