Vista and older games..

  izzi81 23:57 PM 20 Jul 09

Hi, I'm about to get a new laptop for myself and it's probably going to have Vista installed. For most people this wouldn't even be an issue, but I'm a fan of older PC games. Bear with me here... but I like playing games like Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Vegas Make it Big, Hotel Giant etc. I have consoles to play more 'current' games, but I do like the older 'tycoon' games on the PC! However I've read a few comments about issues running these games on Vista, and it doesn't look like there are always patches available. Is there a solution, or should I wipe Vista and put XP on instead?
(the laptop is mainly for work.. typing up reports, bit of web browsing and the occasional old game and that's it!)

  mrwoowoo 02:34 AM 21 Jul 09

After installing your game,right click on it's shortcut and click on properties. Then the compatability tab and put a tick in the "run this programme in compatability mode for" box and then choose Windows xp in the drop down menu.
All should then work ok with Vista.

  Kevscar1 07:52 AM 21 Jul 09

I play a ot of older games. I only found 2 that wouldn't install.

  babybell 21:33 PM 23 Jul 09

I've found that Theme Park only works by using a Dos Emulator in vista, and even then I have to slow the CPU setting right down to get it to work and even then it is jumpy.


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