Vista Office refresh problem

  sunny staines 15:07 29 Sep 06

Just got an email from MS enviting an refresh download of office beta 2007.

Got two problems

1] not recognising my email when i enter my info.

2] being asked for a promotional code. cannot remember seeing that anywhere or noting it down.

anyone assist on this please.

  Forum Editor 18:16 29 Sep 06

being asked for this information - when you try to download, or when you try to install?

You shouldn't be asked for anything at the point of download.

  sunny staines 21:06 29 Sep 06

following the links on the micosoft email. I had to enter ms passport details then country,language,email,product code.

at this stage i could not remember a product code or even seeing one & my email is not recognised despite microsoft emailing me ok.

the office beta is ok but this refresh would has extended it plus poished up a few bits.

  Forum Editor 23:22 29 Sep 06

The download should simply run, you don't need any product code.

Did your email include a link to an Office 2007 beta survey?

  Forum Editor 23:25 29 Sep 06

I should point out that Office 2007 isn't anything to do with Vista, other than the fact that it's launching at around the same time.

  sunny staines 23:58 29 Sep 06

yes it was linked to the survey, i thought that office was a new release to run with vista. cancelled this one then.

  Forum Editor 00:15 30 Sep 06

Office 2007 has been designed to have the Vista look, but it doesn't need to run in Vista - it will run quite happily in Windows XP.

I can't answer your download question I'm afraid. I get the technical refresh via a different Microsoft download source because I'm on the Office beta technical panel, but I know that many people have received the same email as you, and have downloaded without any problems. Have you got the Microsoft Genuine Advantage tool installed on your machine? You won't be able to proceed with the download unless you have.

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