Vista HP system recovery points - how to control?

  as400man 12:04 30 May 08

I have used System Recovery in XP a few times and found it invaluable but the way Vista takes restore points automatically is getting to me.

Vista (Home Premium) recovery points are much bigger than XP's and I often see the hard disk light permanently on when I have just installed a minor piece of software which I am familiar with and I already have a recent restore point if the worst happens.

So my question is, does anyone know how to get Vista to ask permission to do this or disable it all together while still making daily (or whatever) restore points as normal. I know how to change the timings of these but I just want a way of controlling what it does off its own bat. I do not want to completely disable System Restore.

Or are there any 3rd part apps which would better suit my purpose?

Thanks and regards,

  anskyber 12:44 30 May 08

Like this click here

  as400man 13:04 30 May 08

Thanks anskyber, I never came across this when I was looking.

I'll definitely look at this tonight. The implication of this authoritative article is that I won't be able to do much about the auto backups when installing new software but it still gives me a lot more control than I have now.


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